Release Notes

4.14 Release Notes:

Tracker Approvals - Display Current ERA job State in Tracker
Tracker Task Template and Update View – Increased field width to accommodate long strings of text
Tracker Tasks Tab - Show dependency column
ERA Cancel Approval - Allow coordinator to cancel revision while in an Active state
ERA Online Approvals User Guide - Tricks on using our updated proofing system
Asset Manager – displays folders in dropdown same order as listed in Asset Manager folder tree.
Asset Manager Simplified Search – now allows users to search using a hyphen. Ex: 12345–34567 UPC code
*Hyphen with space still excludes text after.  Ex: 12345 - 34567 excludes all search for 34567

4.13 Release Notes:

Tracker Filesharing Tab - Added ability to download ALL files as ZIP
Tracker FileSharing Tab - Added ability date/timestamp public user downloads
Reports - Added the ability to export reports in XLSX format

4.12 Release Notes:

Asset Manager - Auto play or preview files in browser.

4.11 Release Notes:

Dashboard - Added ability to type in text for filters.

4.10 Release Notes:

Tracker - Archive any file from any module to Asset Manager
Asset Manager - Add product data to assets when archiving from Tracker to Asset Manager

4.9 Release Notes:

Tracker - Add the ability to Archive files to the Product Database.
Tracker - Enhanced the Approvals tab to include mini thumbnail and proofing actions.

4.8 Release Notes:

Dashboard - Add text search field to filter options
Tracker - Apply a template globally across all modules
ERA - Disable download & vproof printing for individual approvals

4.7 Release Notes:

Dashboard - Adding the ability to restrict note editing to team positions
Tracker - Adding a tooltip to the users field/dropdown showing the full name and email address for the user
ERA Administration - Allowing coordinators to invite another reviewer without putting job on hold
FileSharing - Added ability to check off files for a zipped download

4.6 Release Notes:

Dashboard - Allowing multi-toggle and search options
Asset Manager - Restrict access and edit abilities to certain folders

4.5 Release Notes:

ToDo List - Allows users to quickly add and manage action items from a single Dashboard view.
Tracker - Adding estimated hours and actual hours to tasks
Asset Manager -Added variable in Am Batch Uploader to insert the file name in to any form field.

New Module!

Product Database - Easily search and storage base product specs, associated vendors, consumer responses, and testing results.

4.4 Release Notes:

Project Maintenance - Allows administrators to manage project status while putting a temporary HOLD on notifications.
Download All - Multi-upload files now allow users to download all attached files with one single click
Time to Tasks Module - Collecting time against a task is now tracked within each assigned task.  This gives users easier access to enter time and leaders immediate reporting for estimated vs. actual time for each specific task in a project lifecycle.
Dashboard Notes - Immediate pushes notes out to the dashboard view.
Report Scheduler - This is our latest and greatest addition to the Reports Tab.  Here you will be able to build a report and schedule it to send to any user, any time, any day.  Scheduling reports eliminates a user going in to manually run and also has the potential to reduce the amount of system email generated from individual projects. We also allow you to pre-attach files.  Attached files can be used as reference or can contain a macro to aid in evaluating the data.

Instead of getting an email for each LATE approval.  Now we can schedule a report to send a LIST of all outstanding approvals.  We could send this list every Thursday @ 2pm - eliminating the daily email and providing users with a "punchlist" to work from. Check it out!

Let us know if you need assistance or would help get that first one set up.

Grid Import - Any grid tab will now allow a spreadsheet data import.  Users will be able to map spreadsheet data to columns within the Tracker Grid module.  This new feature streamlines data entry and eliminates manual clerical errors.  Export from one system and import to ours.

Asset Manager Batch Upload - Getting files in is quick and easy with the batch uploading process - manage a queue of files to process, enter data for files in batches, process file formats quickly, and organize all from one window. 

Asset Manager Quick Search - Find assets quickly and easily using new search bar.  Enter any text and results will show any assets featuring that text.