“Projects” is the second tab listed in Linked Data on the products page.


The results will show in a grid view similar to the search panel.  This tab allows filters and sorts on the main header.


You can easily create a project or attach a project using the main display buttons.  Other actions include:

Project Title - link will direct you to the Tracker job.
Remove Link – Remove this product from Tracker job.
View Details – Immediately access Tracker job for details.

Any product or variant can be associated with a Tracker Project.  Similarly, a Tracker project can be created from a Product.

Project Title link or View Detail button will immediately open Tracker.

Tracker Project Tab

A new tab has been added to Tracker projects.  This tab will display and enable a user easy access to Products Module.


This tab within the linked Tracker project will display a list of associated Products.  Each linked product is a line item within the tab. The Header is determined by the product naming convention and all other data is a configurable option.


From this Tracker project tab, you have the ability to perform basic actions.

Add product – Creates a new product automatically linking to the project
Link Existing Product – Allows you to search and link a product
Unlink Selected Product- Highlight and unlink a selected product from the project
Export – Create a spreadsheet of the current view to manage outside of the system