Any vendors related to this product will be listed.  You can have one or many vendors.


The results will show in a grid view similar to the search panel.  This tab allows filters and sorts on the main header.  The Vendor link tab will also feature a Custom Data link.  This Custom Data is a form that contains details specific to the vendor on this product only.
Example: Print Specifications


From this view you can also add a New Vendor or Attach an existing.  This view also gives you the ability to manage the vendor currently listed.

Name  - Vendor Name; opens preview of Vendor details
Custom Data – Link to form data for this product only
Remove Link – Remove Vendor from this product
View Detail – Direct Link to Vendor details page.

Vendors or Contacts for the product are another way of storing key information.  This makes it easy to link and locate products, consumer responses, testing, and users to a certain Vendor.

Vendor Form

Information about the Vendor is collected using a simple form.  This form is configured in the Administration module.

Associated Users

Vendors can have many users or contacts.  These contacts can be linked directly from the address book.