The results will show in a grid view similar to the search panel.  This tab allows filters and sorts on the main header.


Use the product link to preview testing details or click View Details to see full testing detail page.

You can also Schedule a QC Test or Attach an Existing Scheduled Test from this product page.

Keep track of your testing by scheduling, managing data, documents, and approvals for each product in one view.

Use main search for quick access to testing.

The testing form view will show the Parent item or product and then details about the test required.  Each test requires the following to get started:

Start Date – Date to begin testing
Frequency – How often you want to run this test
End Date – When testing should end

Once a test is scheduled, it can be managed directly from the search results, product details, or directly from the main testing view.

Each test features a set of action button.  These help manage the test or testing series.

Clone Testing Series – Clone the entire test; includes all future testing
Delete Series – Delete the entire testing series related to this product
Delete Scheduled Test – Delete only this scheduled test
View History – View the activity since this test was created
Linked Data – Access data associated with this test

Results can be loaded from the main testing page by selecting a file.

Once a result file is posted, the test can be approved.  The user and date for approval will be listed below the posted results.