About FileSharing

The main FileSharing tab itself provides users with fast, easy access to a variety of information regarding file uploads.  It’s a convenient way to see what’s been released to users and who has downloaded available files.

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Start in FileSharing Module

1. Menu Bar - Showcases links for My Uploads, All Uploads, My Downloads, Expired Files, Upload from Desktop, and Upload from Browser

2. Search

3. Assignment & Activity - This column displays users the file has been assigned to.  The link next to the user names indicates how many times that user downloaded the file – and clicking the link opens a pop-up that will show you when those downloads occurred.

4. Files - The File column displays the actual file uploaded to FileSharing.  The File name appears as a link, which, when selected, will download the file.

5. Upload - This contains information about the file upload, including the user performing the upload and when the file was uploaded.

6. Details - The Details column contains the metadata related to the file upload.  This metadata is entered when a user Assign/Edits the file details.

7. Actions - This column contains links for the different Actions related to a file upload, including Assign & Edit Details and Delete.

8. Page Navigation