Uploading a File to FileSharing

Uploading files to the FileSharing site can be performed using your browser, the supplied Drop Box application found on the FileSharing website, or any standard FTP software.

NOTE: Prepare all files prior to upload. Folders cannot be uploaded. If multiple files are being uploaded at once, they must be made in to an archive file first, i.e. a .zip or .sit file. 

Upload from Browser

Immediately after clicking the Upload From Browser link, an upload files window will appear. 
Choose your file to upload and click OPEN.  You will see a progress window.

Next, we ask if you would like to go to uploads to assign users. 

Click YES to assign users and send notification to download. 

Upload from Desktop - using DropBox

A Drop Box application is available for both Mac and PC environments.  From the main FileSharing page, simply select the corresponding platform link from the Download Client App area of the header bar.  Once the file has downloaded to the local computer, install the application to the desktop.  This will place a FileSharing Drop Box icon on the desktop.

  1. To upload files using this Drop Box, simply drag and drop the desired files to upload to the dropbox icon. 
  2.  A window will open that requires a Username and Password.  This log in information is the same username and password used to access the client workflow website.  
  3. Once the upload is complete, the My Uploads page will display, listing the file(s) just uploaded to the website.

Upload from Desktop - using FTP Application

Any FTP software can be used to load files up to the FileSharing site.

All FTP software will require the following information for successful uploads:

  • Hostname: Type this website`s address minus the "http://". For example, thiswebsite.wbdhost.com.
  • Username: Use your username for the FileSharing Website.
  • Password: Use your password for the FileSharing Website.

Note:  If multiple files are being uploaded at once, they must be made in to an archive file first, i.e. a .zip or .sit file. If the files are not archived, the file transfer will fail.