Our systems are designed to send a significant amount of email.  Each email message is based on a common template, which is editable by the Site Admin.

1. Event - An occurrence in the system that can trigger an automated notification.  For example, creating a job in Tracker is an event, and notifications can optionally go out when this event occurs.

2. Recipient -  A set of one or more users who will receive a particular message.  Any message can be sent to any system group.  This is the default functionality.  In addition, each application may provide application-specific recipients to leverage application-specific functionality (such as team positions in Tracker).

3. Message - A particular notification that has been defined (either as a default, or by an Admin).  When an event happens, the system checks for any messages related to this event, sending any it finds.

4. Variable - Allow you substitute data that is specific to the event that triggered the notification.  For example, in Tracker, all of the events are project-specific.  Using variables, you can add data (such as the project title) to Tracker-related notifications