Tracker Calendar

The Tracker Calendar gives users a month-by-month overview of Milestone due dates for all projects in Tracker. This tool provides users a means to evaluate project workloads and plan accordingly.

Please click the above image to enlarge.

Start in Tracker - Click the Calendar link from the top menu bar.

1. View Mode - You can view the calendar by Day, Month, or Quarter.

2. Dates to Include - This menu includes date options from any tab within a project.  Select the dates that you would like shown in the calendar view.

3. Page Navigation - Scroll forwards or backwards using arrows or choose options within the dropdown menu(s).

4. Dates on Calendar - Each day will list # and Type of Date included for that day.  Double-click the day to bring up a detailed view.  This view will showcase each date with a link to the project. 

Sample of a single Day from Calendar: