Project Organization

Within a project, your data is broken up into a series of screens. In Tracker, these screens are called tabs.

You can think of a Tracker project as a folder full of information about a real-life project. In that analogy, a tab is like a single sheet inside the
file, containing a particular type of information about the project. Configuration options of individual sites will determine which tabs are available.
Also, certain users many not have access to tabs within a project due to privilege restrictions.

The available Tracker Tabs are as follows:

  • Project Detail. The main starting point for projects in Tracker. Here users can find all the vital details of the project.
  • Item Lists. Item List tab allows users to add project elements. Similar to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Teams. Includes a list of key members for projects.
  • Milestones. Helps track and maintain vital project objectives with dates.
  • Tasks. Provides an area for assigning and tracking specific duties for individual users. 
  • Revisions. Displays approvals related to the selected project.
  • Files. Allows users to transfer files, assign users, and track downloads.
  • Budget. Provides an easy-to-use table to track project spending and invoices. 
  • Timesheet. Allows users to track time spent on a particular aspect of a project. 
  • Discussion. Area for users to initiate and participate in threaded chats related to the project.