Load Data from Template

If a project in Tracker is initially created without using an available template in the system, users still have the ability to utilize template data in the project tabs.  Those tabs that can contain template data (Teams, Milestones, Tasks and Budget) have the option to Load Data from Template, which allows users to pull data from an existing template into the live project. 

Selecting the Load Data from Template button in the table will open a pop-up window that prompts the user to select the desired template.  After selecting a template from the drop-down menu, select the Load button, and data from the selected template will populate the table.

Apply Template to Entire Job

Templates are typically applied when a project is first drafted. If a project is already started, you can re-apply a template to the entire job while in draft or pending states. A field within the Project Details form will trigger the apply template window.  Example: Project Type

If a user changes the Project Type, the choose template window will pop-up. 

This window will allow you to update the template being used.  It will allow specific actions related to other project tab data.

For more information or assistance with this feature, please contact WBD Support.