Signing Off on an Approval

You will receive an email notification when you are assigned to a proof.
This notification will vary per client but will always contain the following:

  • Subject of email will include Routing Job# and Title of Proof
  • Description or Instructions left with the proof in the body of email
  • A Due date for your approval.
  • Direct link to the proof for your approval.

The link provided will launch the site within your chosen default web browser.  Site will load as login screen OR take you directly to the approval page.

Next steps are based on the approval method chosen:

vProof - Allows the team to add annotations directly to the routing file, reply to other annotations, determine actual file dimensions and spot-check colors; all within a LIVE web session.

Browser Comments - Allows members of the review team to leave comments in the ERA system itself. No annotations can be made to the actual review file.

Check In/Check Out - Allows memebers of the review team to download a local copy of the routing file and add annotations to the file itself. When the file is re-uploaded to the ERA system, other users viewing the file will be able to see the annotations left by other users. When one user has the routing file Checked Out for review, the system does not allow other users to check out or download the file.

Choose the method that applies to your review.